Jun 23, 2006

Stormy Friday

We had a heck of a thunderstorm last night. At about 2230 I could start seeing lightning in the distance. I think I fell asleep until I was awakened by thunderous booming and constant flashing of lightning. It was quite the show. Holly and I both woke up and I kept checking to make sure that the window that leaked earlier this week wasn’t leaking again… it didn’t. Anyway, after not being able to go to sleep for a while, I thought I should make the best of it and take some video. Check it out below (make sure to turn up the sound for the full effect):

Very busy day today. I had PT at 0930 and they ran me through various endurance, strength and coordination exercises. They would give me about five things to do and I would have to run through them in quick succession. One would be upper body, then lower, body and upper body again. They gave me a chance to rest and then we moved on to another group of exercises. It was hard, but a good workout. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow.

After PT I had to meet up with two different companies that had to do stuff with the truck. When I was in the hospital, one day Holly and Cassie were driving to NNMC and a rock hit the windshield. That day the crack grew about a foot across the windshield. Ever since then it has been creeping across to the middle of the shield. I finally entered claim with Geico Wed and they sent someone out from Safelite to replace it. He was fast and quick. It is amazing to me that they can replace the window and even transfer DoD tags and state registration stickers. He did a thorough job and was very polite too.

After that an inspector from Magoo’s came out to take a look at my truck. When I bought the truck back at the end of 2002, I purchased an extended warranty at the advice of the website Carbuyingtips.com. I used this website to learn how to negotiate the purchase of my new truck. I got it for a great price and thought I should take the advice of the site and get a warranty as I planned to keep the truck for a long time. I learned a few months ago that the warranty company went bankrupt and I’m no longer covered. So, I decided that since we just hit 50,000 miles this week, and the truck is doing great, we should get another warranty. Unfortunately, the warranty will be twice as much now since it is older, but after the first major failure we have, it will pay for itself. Check out Warranty Direct’s website for details. Anyway, the inspector just had to take a look at the truck, take pictures and drive it. He said it was in great shape.

Tonight Holly and are going to have dinner at a restaurant in Clarendon called Harry’s Tap Room. Harry’s is one of my favorite restaurants in this area. It should be a great dinner and a wonderful way to mark Holly’s half-birthday. Have a great weekend!

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