Jun 1, 2006

Square Radiation

What a nutty day! I went to PT and that went well. I got home and called the Radiation clinic to see if the machine was working yet – they said it wasn’t, but to call back after 1pm. I figured this would be a good opportunity to have lunch with my friend Ryan, who works right by the Metro Center metro station. And I figured it would be good to be half way to the hospital since I transfer at that station anyway. I called him up and he was all for meeting up as he was already planning to have lunch with good ole Lyon anyway. So, I headed downtown and we had lunch. It was actually nice to go downtown and walk around a bit since I never really go there... I have no reason to and it is crazy down there!

During lunch, I called the hospital and they said I should plan on being there around 1330. Lyon headed back to work and I walked with Ryan to his office and then headed back to the station to go to the hospital. I got there shortly after 1330 and learned that it was not fixed yet. Dr. Duelge, my attending, said that their machine was experiencing issues that the techs were having trouble fixing. He said the machine had been working pretty well for about two years and this is the longest it has been down that he can remember. He gave me the option of being treated on another older lower power machine with a rectangular field, not a field conformed to the circular shape that spares my brain from excessive radiation. He stressed that this one treatment will not harm me and that tomorrow they will have created plates that will shape the radiation correctly. I had to skip yesterday, so I opted to go ahead and take his advice and do it. Back to the waiting room at 1400. I sat and 1500 passed. Then 1600… finally 1700. During this time I had a nice conversation with two retired officers, one was a Navy General and one was in the Air Force. Both were being treated for prostate cancer. They both shared stories with me about the work they did with the nuclear program and such, way back when. It was really interesting. Around 1705 I finally had to break down and cancel some plans I had made to help a friend out with something technical. Then they finally called me back. The treatment took a little longer, but they got me in and out and they apologized profusely for the delays. They really worked hard to make things happen right. Apparently, the delay was due to the fact that they had to recalculate all the numbers for my treatment. They did it once and twice to make sure they had it exactly right – which is fine with me! Anyway, that was my day. I got home at 1830 and vegged.

Before I went into the hospital, I was working on editing together our church’s Christmas play. I pretty much finished it but never finalized it and then I could not get it to burn to DVD. I knew that the folks that were in it wanted to see it, and I felt bad, so I thought… why just not post it on the internet? So, here it is… The Grace Community Church All-Stars Children and Youth Ministry present "Outside the Inn." Performed at Grace Community Church in December 2005. Click here to watch it in a bigger window or just watch it below!

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