Jun 15, 2006

Two treatments left!

I woke up this morning at 6am, not because I wanted though. I guess I was having a dream or something. Lately Holly and I have been having pretty restless sleep with weird nightmares and the like. I’m not sure if I was still dreaming right before I woke up, but I remember realizing that I was breathing very heavy, not like I was out of breath, but like I was scared or nervous and just rapidly breathing. Finally, I awoke and I had a very full breath of air in my lungs. My eyes were open and I blew it out and immediately then sat up. I wasn’t sleepy or tired; I was wide awake and a little bit dazed at what just happened. I looked over and Holly and she was still asleep. Good, I thought, I put on my slippers and left the room to avoid waking her, closing the door behind me.

After a pit stop I sat at the computer for a while and checked my email and such. At about 7am, I heard that Holly was up – she was feeling pretty bad with a sore throat, so she sent of a few emails to work and I urged her to get back in bed. I went back to work catching up on the news and such and I finally decided to just sit down for a few minutes at about 10am to rest. My phone suddenly rang and it was 11am! Kezia was calling to see if I was ready for her to pick me up. I had fallen asleep – I should have known better. At about the same time, Holly got up again and was feeling better. She decided to head out to work to get a few things done. She definitely sounded better to me. We both got ready and Kezia came to pick me up at about 11:45. She was once again kind enough to give me a ride up to Bethesda. On the way I got a call from Matt, the young man who was involved in the construction accident that I met at NRH. He told me last week that he was having surgery this coming weekend to put his skull back on, but they moved it up to yesterday (Wed). He was in the ICU at George Washington University Hospital, the same ICU that Kezia works in! I told him we would come by after radiation. When we got to NNMC, I talked Kezia into eating at the cafeteria. Turkey, potatoes, stuffing – “hardy” was the word she used to describe it. We both ate and were full for just over $7. Radiation was quick and off we were to GW.

Matt was doing great and was relatively comfortable for just having gone through brain surgery again. His recovery has been remarkable and inspiring to me. He can walk with a cane now and is working to get movement back in his wrist and below. He was telling me about a prom that he went to in May that his friends and family made him go to since he didn’t go to his senior prom. Apparently, he and his date were picked up in a helicopter and flew to the prom! How cool is that? Then they left in a ten seat limo, just him and his date. How is that for an entrance and exit?? Anyway, Kezia took a picture of us, I’ll post it soon.

Lastly, we headed over to Fort Myer so that Kezia could take advantage of the cheap and tax-free items there. Holly was driving by the post as we were finishing up, so she pulled in and I left with her so that Kezia could tend to some other errands. We came home, ate, chilled and I ate again. Today has been another day where my energy level has been pretty normal. But I am cautious to not overdo it. I might have all this energy now, but might tank tomorrow. So, I look for a stopping point and rest when I get the chance to conserve energy.

Tomorrow is going to be another long day. PT at 0800 for about two hours. RT at 1300 and then our friend Janá is having a big birthday bash in the party room on the top floor of our building. So, I’m going to make sure I rest after RT so that I can help when I can for the party. It should be a fun day. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow for another reason though… after RT, I will have only one treatment left. Life is good!

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