Mar 27, 2011

Boring Sunday

Well, today was pretty much boring the whole day except for when our friends Scott & Lydia and their children came to visit us. No PT, no OT, no rehab, nothing. But it was good that it was so boring as we were both able to get lots of rest. Roger was really tired this morning and took a nap mid day. I did not sleep well Saturday night so I took a nap in the late afternoon. So we're both trying to go to sleep relatively earlier than we have been so we are rested up for all MDACC has planned for us tomorrow. We know Monday is going to be a busy day.

And thanks for the prayers, Roger has had two BM's since yesterday. No suppository for him. Yeah! And maybe tomorrow he'll be able to get the IV taken out of his hand if his neurosurgeon Dr. Lang agrees. He's been off the IV saline and is now only receiving a steroid for swelling and 1 mg of dilaudid when needed for pain by IV. Both are available in non-IV form. And he's only had pain medication once each day since he moved to a regular room. I don't think he asked for any pain medication today. And he actually did some of the exercises he was given for his right leg today. We both can't wait to see what OT, PT & rehab have in store for tomorrow.

Good night.
~ Holly

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Brea said...

I hope they send you home soon!