Mar 29, 2011

More PT Drill Sergeant

Roger is bound and determined to get out of here as soon as he can. Since he has decided to stay here at MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) for a week and a half of therapy and rehab, he will get three hours a day of a combination of occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT) and group therapy. He only received a little bit of PT by the OT on Monday afternoon, but this morning he started early with OT. He's having breakfast then moving on to PT. Maybe he'll get in some group therapy this afternoon or more PT. Keith the OT that came to see him yesterday afternoon told him to stay out of bed as much as possible and do everything himself that he can and both will help him to get better sooner. Of course it's more work to sit up than lay down in a bed and he will be more tired but he wants to be tired and walking on his own without a walker so he can get home sooner. I have posted a few videos of Roger on YouTube so check out the one below and click on the link to see more.

I slept in late today as a result of hitting off on my alarm instead of snooze and me forgetting to turn on my back-up alarm (the hotel room alarm). Obviously I needed the sleep and the time to catch up on uploading pictures & video, blogging, entering receipts and keeping up with our finances with Quicken and my own personal hygiene as I have been staying in Roger's room all day and late every night helping him. But with him doing in-patient rehab and therapy we will have more of a schedule and I'll be able to get more done knowing what time everything is and not sitting around doing nothing while waiting for someone to show up. So today is catch up day for me. Yeah! ~Holly

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Unknown said...

Wow praise God...You two have been hardcore in my thoughts and prayers DAILY. Sorry I haven't been able to post for a while but you are never far from my mind. Much love and you and Roger are such a beautiful example of trusting in God when the rubber hits the road. HUUUUUUGE hugs!