Mar 20, 2011

Prayer Requests Leading Up To Surgery

We have been asked a lot lately how people can pray for us leading up to Roger's surgery on Thursday. We had a great discussion/cry last night about how we're feeling, etc and I wrote many things down in my journal as we were discussing, sharing and crying. Then today at our weekly neighborhood Bible study, our neighbors asked to pray over us and how they could pray for us. So I grabbed the notes I wrote down in my journal and read it out loud to everyone. It made a great list to email to our community group also so I decided to share it here on the blog so everyone knew what we were feeling and facing leading up to the surgery. So here you go. We are also testing to see if the changes Roger made to the blog work so when we update the blog this week during the pre-surgery process, day of surgery and post-op you can get the updates not only on the blog but immediately on both of our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We'll see if this works. Thanks for the prayers. We really appreciate all of you. ~ Holly

Please pray for:
-peace for both of us during this week, surgery day & recovery
-Roger's fear of dying (see next item), not being faithful enough & losing more movement
-protection from satan's lies
-Roger's anger to be taken away from not being faithful enough, feeling like he wasted time gaining strength before the surgery
-Roger to not be complacent with partial paralysis, to never quit, keep fighting & work hard
-God to help me (Holly) to be Roger's cheerleader, therapist, etc.
-strength for both of us to get through this & always go back to God with praise & glory
-all the doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologist, assistants, nurses, etc.
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