Mar 15, 2011

Less than two weeks!

We are less than two weeks away from ‘Game Day’. It is pretty much official that my surgery will take place starting the morning of Thu, Mar 24, 2011. We are driving to Houston the afternoon of Mar 21 because I have some tests early the next morning. I have a blood test tomorrow (3/15) and am seeing an internal medicine doctor at MDACC on 3/22 so that they can take more blood and clear me for surgery on 3/24. If at any time the doctors think the Pancreatitis is still lingering, they will call off the surgery. Apparently some type of anesthetics can make the pancreas act up again and they obviously don’t want that to happen.

The question we have been getting as of late is ‘how will people know the status of the surgery while it is progress and when it is completed?’ We obviously can’t call everyone. Holly will be posting updates here on the blog. The blog then updates Facebook and Twitter. All information will be posted on the blog first, so this is the place to hang out on game day. In addition, if you are not all that much into Facebook and Twitter, and you can’t get to the blog, you can sign up to have the latest updates emailed to you for free. Just go to on the right side there is a section titled “Get blog updates via email, Facebook, Twitter and others” just enter your email address in the box and click the ‘Subscribe me!’ button. This feature was apparently broken for a while, but I have fixed it. It will email you, post an update you on your Facebook wall or send a message to you on Twitter; it can even let you know via LinkedIn, Skype, and AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo Messengers. Please check it out. Did I mention that this service is free? I scour only the best free stuff for you my friends!

That’s about it. We’re almost done doing our 2010 taxes. And we have the finances under control. We leave for Houston in a week!


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