Mar 23, 2011

Down to the wire!

Friends, we are down to the wire. All of our appointments went fine today. Tomorrow morning we have to report for surgery at 5:15am CT and we figure the surgery will begin roughly around 7:30am CT. The surgery should last about six hours total. The first two hours will be getting me asleep and cut open; the next two hours they will wake me up and then remove the tumor; the last two hours they'll put me back to sleep, close me up and roll me to the ICU. Simple, right? I mean, it's not brain surgery... wait, it is. (Sorry, had to use that one again five years later.)

Click the pic to see the
fiducials being placed
We talked to the surgeon again this morning and the major risks are still the same... small possible loss of speech and possible further paralysis of my right leg, ankle and foot. I really think that we've covered this in prayer though and it's in God's hands now. The nurse also put fiducials on my head that the surgeons will use during the surgery. It was fun walking around with what looked like lifesavers on my head. We even went out in public and enjoyed some fresh air as it was the last I was going to get in a few days.

I feel good about everything. I can't wait to get to sleep and wake up at 4am to get on with this. I'm going to shave close tonight so that it will last a few days and maybe wash my face. I can't bathe because it might cause too much steam and the fiducials could come off. Holly's mom and sister came out and my parents are here now also. We also got to spend time with our good friends Eric and Brea that live in our neighborhood. Eric lost one of his fingers to cancer just a few months ago. It was nice to be in such good company all day long and to read all the wonderful messages on Facebook and Twitter to us from our friends and even their friends. Humbling.

We are off to bed. Holly will be updating the blog which will update to Twitter and Facebook in near real time. The blog will be most current and timely at I hope to be blogging again real soon.

Thanks to everyone and I love you all so much.



cindy Gordon said...

I will be praying
God has given you such a good attitude!

Allie said...

Love you guys! You are in good hands.

Kenya Austin is Free 2 Be Me said...

Hi Roger, I do not know you. I went to school with you wife. I want you to know that I have not prayed in a while b/c of some personal spirituality issues that I have been dealing with. but as i sit here typing you this message, tears are streaming down my face (partly b/c I feel so emotionally overwhelmed with the idea of praying and angry w/myself for putting my spirituality "on hold" but I want to do this for you and Holly). When I finish I will kneel and pray for a safe full recovery for you and strength for Holly and your family to be all that you need them to be and more to get through this. I love you both.

Peace and blessings,