Mar 24, 2011

Phone Conversation During Surgery

Oh Em Gee!! I just talked to Roger on the phone while he was in surgery! I'll try to recap the whole conversation.

The volunteer at the surgery waiting desk came and told me they wanted me on the phone. I walked to the desk and she handed me the phone. I said, "Hello?" and heard the anesthesiologist Dr. Ferson say, "Roger". Then Roger started talking to me.

Rog: Hi baby. I'm talking to you during the surgery.
Me: I know. Isn't this weird?! How are you?
Rog: I'm a little groggy, but fine. My throat hurts a little. They are working on my brain right now.
Me: Really? What have they had you do?
Rog: They had me move some of my body parts and talk. The light just turned off. I think they are using the microscope.
Me: Are you in a halo?
Rog: Yes and kind of in a little cave.
Me: Your head isn't going to come out? You can't move too much and come out?
Rog: No, I'm in good. But I have to go now.
Me: Okay.
Rog: I love you.
Me: I love you too baby. Bye.
Rog: Bye.

So freaking weird cool!! This means they are in his brain working on getting the tumor out right now. Next update around noon.


Amy Melsa Photography said...

That's amazing!

Veronica Sosa said...

Holly,I am thinking of you guys and praying every second. Thanks for the update. God is good. Love, V.

Brea said...

That may be one of the coolest surgery updates ever!

Su Wang said...

Amazing. I like you labeled this "awake surgery." Goodbye tumor and good riddance!