Mar 24, 2011

Last Update (3:04pm)

Dr. Lang met us in the surgical waiting area. Here's a recap of what he told us:

-They are sure they were able to get all of the tumor.
-Turns out the blood vessel going over the tumor was only going to the tumor so they took it. The tumor was very bloody and had cysts in it.
-The frozen section of the tumor showed it was ependymoma so it was not necrosis or anything else. Further pathology will be done to tell us the grade. It could still be grade 2 but might have increased to grade 3.
-During the surgery he couldn't move his right foot but could move his right leg. His right arm is fine. Later in the surgery he couldn't move his right leg, ankle or foot. Dr. Lang did stimulate the part of the brain that controls motor function and his leg shot right up. So it's there but may take a while to come back if it comes back at all. He may have to wear a brace. (He has since picked up his right leg many times in ICU & had some reflex in his right foot but no movement yet.)
-His dura was completely stuck to his brain right over the motor cortex and it took a while to get it separated. This might have had something to do with his movement problems on the right side.
-They did remove his old screws from the first craniotomy and used part of the old incision but had to extend it and make the flap larger so he's going to have a more interesting scar than previously.

He was moved to ICU after surgery and will remain overnight. Dr. Lang will check with Roger tomorrow morning and as long as there are not any complications he will move to a regular room Friday.

He is on a liquid diet tonight so he ordered cran-grape juice, rootbeer, cherry popiscle, rainbow jello and chicken broth. It was delivered by a tuxedo clad server. He has been given those respiratory exercises to do 10-15 blows every hour of daylight.

Thank you all for your prayers, concern, messages, comments, well wishes and love. We had peace all day. The only time I got anxious was right before the first update and all the other families in the waiting area were getting their updates and we heard nothing. I went to the rest room and felt as if I could start crying. I thought to myself, "Okay satan, you are not going to do this to me and take away my peace & joy." When I got back to the area where my family was, I leaned my head on my mom's shoulder while she was reading and asked God to give me peace and as I prayed I started to get teary eyed. But as soon as I lifted my head up, I felt peace all over. I know it was God surrounding me with his love.

We will be updating the blog as often as we can and uploading a video as soon as I get it uploaded. Maybe even have Roger doing an update soon. He said he remembers a lot during the surgery and it would be great for him to recount what he remembers especially for people who might be preparing for awake surgery. I didn't sleep much last night but I'm pretty sure I will sleep very well tonight.


linda hill said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!! That is wonderful news all the way around! They got all the tumor! They took out the blood vessel that fed it! And the dura being stuck to the brain was probably what was effecting his right side! Now lets all pray for stage 2 or less!!!! Thank you God! You are the best Chief Surgeon and we are all so very thankful for your handiwork today!!!!

missy said...

Rogers movement came back last time.... i will pray for it to return again, Roger is strong and amazing, he will work hard!

Chelle Morales said...

So incredible! You are one of the strongest women I know Holly. I'm so inspired by you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to put up these posts. Mira el Roger doing high kicks during surgery! He's such a show off! ;) hugs and continued prayers for u both :)

Cindy Gordon said...

Thank you for the updates> I don't know Roger but if he is anything like your dad...well I neeed to say no more!!!
Praise God for the good report. I pray that you her wonderful news tomorrow

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Unknown said...

We thank God for a successful surgery and pray for a smooth recovery with no setbacks.

We love you guys. Love from your Grace Community Church family.

Unknown said...

Wonderful news- in this case from the front line where the action was. Amazing process with amazing players. Sending love and admiration. Stan and Patricia

Daniel said...

I am happy to hear it went well. Please give my love to all the family. Love Daniel Knight