Mar 24, 2011

Surgery Beginning

Good morning everyone. We checked into surgery at 5:00am and took turns sitting with Roger back in the holding area. They gave me instructions and reviewed the surgery again to us. We did learn they are not doing Roger's surgery in the BrainSUITE after all. Dr. Lang is not happy with the way a microscope or something is drifting nor the position Roger would be in so he moved the surgery to a regular craniotomy operating room. Which means no MRI during the surgery to see if they got it all. They will still use the MRI data during the surgery, but they won't take an MRI during the surgery. This could mean they may not be able to get it all and will not know until they do an MRI after the surgery. Roger was not estatic about this and kind of made him a little anxious. Dr. Ferson came in to talk to Roger about the anesthesia. They decided because of his recent pancreatitis to not use Propefol but something else. I couldn't understand the name as Dr. Ferson is Polish and has an accent. But Roger is happy with all their decisions and confident in these changes. His assistant gave Roger an IV and some calming medicine. Right at 7:10am they gave him the "tequila" as she called it and wheeled him away. We "should" receive our next update about 10:00am.

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Thank you to everyone for all your prayers, thoughts, messages, concerns, well wishes. We have had a lot of peace this week and we know it is because you have all been lifting us up in prayer and God is with us through everything. I have to thank our amazing friend and neighbor Paul Emerson for something he said to us on Sunday evening that has been resonating with us ever since. Our God does not change and he is bigger than cancer. Hallelujah!

~ Holly

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April Carter-Chau said...

Sending prayers your way! My mom had a tumor relieved recently from the base of her brain, and I know God was working in that operating room as he will in Roger's. In fact, he's probably sitting in the corner of the operating room making sure everything goes as planned. Give him a wave :D