Mar 28, 2011

Monday, Monday

So far it's been a relatively quiet Monday morning. PT & OT have not showed up yet, but they should. There are lots of patients in the pod Roger is in and they are making their way around doing PT/OT with other patients. Roger's neurosurgeon Dr. Lang & his nurse Cheryl Martin came in this morning a few minutes after the rehabilitation doctor came in to give his recommendation from the PT/OT/rehab evaluation. He is recommending in-patient rehab for a week and a half here at MD Anderson. Dr. Lang recommended the same so Roger could start getting therapy and rehab right away and be here in the event he needs any medical assistance. And Roger agrees with them. If he wanted to go home, it would take days to get all the paperwork transferred to a facility in Austin and for Tricare to find a rehab facility that takes our insurance. Roger is looking forward to the rehab here at MD Anderson just not being here that long but knows it is necessary and for the best. And you never know, he may go home sooner if he improves faster. Dr. Lang also stated that the MRI looks good and perfectly clean. The pathology results will be available most likely by Thursday at the conference with other doctors including Roger's oncologist Dr. Conrad to review the results of the pathology and MRI. So we'll here more about that after Thursday. The IV in Roger's hand was removed this morning and he is super happy about that. All his meds are by mouth now which are just anti-seizure, steroid & pain/nausea medication as needed. I'll probably post again this evening after he does some PT/OT today. ~Holly


As You Wish said...

all good news, Holly! Thanks for keeping us all updated!

Deresa said...

I second that. I'm so excited about how he is doing. God is so good. God bless you both and I'll continue to pray for you and your journey.