Mar 24, 2011

First Update (10:20am)

We just received the first update. The surgery started at 8:28am and they are still working on the approach to the tumor. The next update will be around noon. Thank you all for the prayers. We really feel them.

Just to let anyone know who hasn't read it previously, there are three phases to the surgery. Phase one was opening the skull and exposing the brain. This phase Roger is under anesthesia. The second phase starts when the brain is exposed and they are ready to start the "real" surgery. They will eventually bring Roger out from anesthesia for part of this phase to have him respond to tasks and complete the tasks such as talking, moving body parts, etc. This is the phase where if they want to see how he sends and receives information they may have him call me during the surgery. Pretty wild. The last phase will be putting him back under anesthesia and closing him up. Each of these phases will take around 2 hours. So the surgery should be around 6-7 hours total.
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