Feb 21, 2007


My good friend Kezia emailed me this morning stating that my dad sounded like a firecracker because of how he was fighting to live. So I wanted to share with you all how much of a firecracker he is. And for those of you who really know him, firecracker is an understatement.

On Sunday he was feeling good and when my brother and I were in his ICU room he wanted to show us something and said, "Watch this" very devilishly. He started breathing fast and heavy until the machine that displays all his vital signs started beeping. He was so tickled with himself. I told him he better stop before they kicked us out of there since it was past visiting time already. Then he told us that while he was on the breathing machine he would hold his breath and the machine would make a noise like a duck. I got on to him and he said, "You got to have some fun in here."

Firecracker. We have other words we use to describe him but we'll keep this post clean. :)

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