Feb 25, 2007

My Dad Update: Sunday, February 25, 2007

So my dad's not in ICU anymore, but he's in between ICU and a regular room. They still monitor the same as ICU but it's kind of like transition or for all you Catholics think of it like purgatory. He's still very weak and his body is not strong enough so he's waiting to heal, rest and recover before he can go to the regular floor. His blood pressure is still low but stable. He only weighs 122 lbs (remember he's 6ft tall) and the doctors want him to gain more weight. He walked three times today, but his knee is swollen for some reason and it's going to be x-rayed tomorrow. They took out the central line but put an IV in just in case. He's in pretty good spirits, but ready to get out of there. He still thinks he's getting out soon. But we all know it will be a long road. He was finally able to get a visit from his grandchildren. And he played gold fish with Elizabeth and Phillip.

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