Feb 27, 2007

"Going Home" My Dad Update: Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My mom just got a call from my dad at the hospital. They are letting him go home this afternoon. My mom said he sounded really good over the phone. He's been wanting to go home so bad. My mom thinks he will rest better at home.

He has physical therapy scheduled for the rest of the week and a follow-up appointment with his regular doctor, Dr. Bond on March 9th. He is also going to get a B-12 shot for his stomach problems. If this works he will get one a month from now on.

Although this is great news, I'm leary about my dad being completely ready to go home. I'd prefer him to stay in longer and heal more. I know the doctors wouldn't let him go home unless they thought he was capable. But I know my dad. Please continue to pray for his health, for wisdom to take it easy and follow up with his doctors and to not fall back on old habits. I'll have to give this to God and trust His will.

One more address change. If you'd like to send cards, please send them to:
2735 Smetana Road
Bryan, TX 77807

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