Feb 18, 2007

My Dad: Update Sunday, February 18, 2007

I’m happy to report that my dad is doing very well. He’s doing so well that he may be moved into a regular room tomorrow. Praise the Lord!

While Brandy and I were in his ICU room this afternoon, his nurse Dan removed the tube from his nose. That was interesting to watch. My dad told us that he wanted to sit up and hang his legs down and Dan asked him if he wanted to get out of bed. My dad was ready for that. I asked Dan if he would have to wait until he got to a regular room to get a bath and Dan said he would take care of that later also. He was in better spirits this afternoon. He even talked to a few friends on his cell phone. His brother Russell and Russell’s wife Bea came to visit and my dad was very happy to see them. I know he enjoyed talking to his brother. He held his hand while he talked to him and when we left to allow others to visit he asked Russell to come back before they left. Then his nephew James Keith showed up to visit at the same time we were all there. It has been nice to see so many family members while I’m here. His blood pressure was 104/74 which is great compared to 64/40 on Thursday.

When we returned to visit him at the 5:30 p.m. visiting time, he had already been out of the bed and bathed and was lying in bed covered up with a blanket because he was a little cold from being out of bed. His blood pressure was 131/90. Every time we visit his blood pressure is better. He said he felt so much better to be clean. He looked better too. They even changed all the sheets on his bed. And they removed all the IV’s and other stuff except the central line and the nasal cannula that delivers oxygen through the nose. He sat in a high back chair while he was bathed and the sheets were changed. I asked him how it felt to stand up and walk and he said it was a lot easier than on Thursday when he had no feeling.

He’s excited about the hope of moving out of the ICU. He really wants to see his grandkids, especially Cole since he wants to see his Paco so bad. On the way to the hospital at the 1:30 p.m. visiting time, Cole rode with my mom and I and he said, “I hope the sign says three today.” My mom and I looked at each other out of the corner of our eyes because we knew the sign was still going to say no one under 14 allowed in ICU. It was sad because we knew that once again he would not be able to see his Paco. So we recorded a video of Cole with my digital camera giving Paco a message about getting better and that the sign didn’t say three yet. It was so cute. My dad watched it and loved it.

We also got a huge delivery of food and beverages from the Smetana Ladies. You wouldn’t believe what they brought us: chicken spaghetti, potatoes au gratin, salad, rolls, garlic bread, cherry cobbler, cake, two pies, soda, ice, plates and forks. It was amazing and perfect timing. I was starving when they showed up. And of course everything was delicious. It was great to see friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. I was able to see my good friend Christy who I haven’t seen probably since my wedding and meet her little boy Britten for the first time. He looks just like her. Thank you Dorothy, Betty, Pat, Trisha, Christy, Marsha, Regina and Ann.

It was a great day. Our God is an awesome God. What joy and happiness He gave us today. I feel great knowing my dad is doing so well and getting better and better each day. I was also very glad to hear him say “I hope so” in response to my mom’s question if he thinks he can kick the nicotine addiction while he’s in there and to hear him tell his brother that he was going to have to take better care of himself. It warms my heart to know he isn’t giving up. Thank you Lord. And thank you friends for your prayers. They are working. Please don’t stop.

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