Feb 15, 2007

Holly's Dad

My dad Harvey had to have emergency surgery today. His legs went numb at home after he felt a little sick. He called my mom at work to take him to the hospital. They made it to the emergency room in College Station where a cat scan was ordered and he was hooked up to many devices. The doctors suspected some type of blockage and once the results were given, blockage in the aorta, he was sent straight to surgery. My brother Harvey Jr and his wife Brandy were able to make it to the hospital and see him before his surgery. My dad was very upset about the surgery and got quite emotional knowing he was going to have to be cut again. He had a triple arterial bypass about ten years ago.

Surgery lasted about 4 hours. The surgery went well, but things were not good. Turns out my dad had many blockages, one developed today, one of his kidneys is basically dead and hasn't functioned in many years, he is malnourished due to his gastrointestinal problems he never returned to the doctor for last fall and they are sending a lung specialist to check out his lungs. They cleared out all the blockages including several in his legs, he is heavily sedated in ICU on a respirator and breathing tube. He will be in ICU for many days and in the hospital for at least a couple weeks. The doctors were very upset about the state of his health. He is very weak and the recovery will be very slow and long. Thank the Lord he got to the hospital when he did. I can't believe he was able to go this long with all those issues.

My dad is very stubborn and is to blame for his condition, but I'm sure my mom feels bad when she gets interrogated by the doctors and they complain and roll their eyes because of my dad's unhealthy habits. But if you know my dad even a little, you know talking to him is like talking to a fence post. I pray that he changes his habits and lifestyle because of this. Please keep my father in your prayers. He is very sick and needs all of God's healing to make it through this. And please pray for peace for my mom and siblings. Thank you all.

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chaoticfish said...

Holly--I'm so sorry to hear about your dad and will keep him in my thoughts for a speedy recovery! jill