Feb 17, 2007

Holly in Texas

Holly got into Austin on time at 12pm CT. She picked up her rental car and is on her way to Bryan. I spoke to Holly’s sister-in-law, Brandy, this morning and asked her about Harvey. They decided to leave the breathing tube in last night and he is stable, but still under observation. We’ll have more information later today after Holly gets there and is able to get a full picture of what’s going on. Our great friends, Matt and Julie, gave me and Holly a ride to BWI this morning at 6am. Then they helped me get the truck to the dealer to fix a blown light in the instrument cluster and to get it ready for the return drive to Texas. Then we had breakfast where we saw Kezia and Jana, who will be helping with packing later. Later today, all those folks, and another good friend of ours, Tamra, will come over to help me get as much packed up as possible. I think we’re going to have to pack all weekend since it’s almost 3pm and we haven’t even started yet. We’re going to pack as much as possible just in case we need to return to Texas earlier than planned. Our plans are up in the air right now and I’m feeling a little dazed here in VA. Please pray for us to get everything in order and please keep on praying for Harvey. More later.

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