Feb 26, 2007

My Dad Update: Monday, February 26, 2007

Today's report from my mom:

Well I got to hospital about 4:45 p.m. Dad's weight is 122 and BP is 90/65. Doc said it's low because he is calm. As you know his knee was swollen and they did an x ray and it is "gout" but the color was not a gout color. They gave him some antibiotics yesterday and it was down and felt better today. I brought dad some pj's he asked me to get them out and I helped him put them on feet and he pulled them up, so he is a lot better.

I think he was tired this past weekend. He had meatloaf yesterday and said it was good. Today's breakfast was tolerable, lunch steak w/gravy and mashed potatoes with sweet peas.

He just wants to go home, he walked from old room to the new room where he has a room mate. Therapist came in today and wants dad to stay another week just for therapy, drive in three times a week or do home therapy. Dad choose the middle one. But he looks real good today.

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Su Wang said...

praise God! your dad is doing awesome. i can't believe how quickly he's recovering from such a massive surgery.