Feb 19, 2007

My Dad Update: Monday Night, February 19, 2007

Here is more information regarding what happened this morning. Dr. Kirby told us this evening that all the fluid in my dad’s lungs was from the surgery on Thursday. He said they put a lot of fluids in him during the surgery and they knew that it would eventually catch up with him. And since his heart and kidneys are so weak (the ECHO performed this morning showed his heart is only working at 15%), it all dumped into his lungs. About 5:30 a.m. the nurse noticed his oxygen level had decreased and he was having trouble breathing and his heart rate and blood pressure were elevated although he was sleeping so well. So they put him back on the breathing machine, sucked as much fluid out of his lungs as possible, did some blood tests and the echo, heavily sedated him and gave him medicine to help his kidneys work better. This stabilized his heart rate and blood pressure. The blood tests showed that his heart was weak and they did the echo to check on the flow of his blood, etc. His nurse Diane said he was super white at that time. When we arrived he was pale but not as white as earlier.

He was a little better at the 1:30 p.m. visiting time. But there were no results of the echo yet and his blood pressure was at 104/80. At the 5:30 p.m. visiting time the nurse said he was doing a lot better. They were able to decrease the amount of supplied oxygen because his lungs were clearer and he was able to take in more oxygen on his own. They also gave him medicine by IV to help his heart work stronger. They will begin giving it to him in pill form tonight so when they are ready to take the IV’s and such out, it will be in his system. That may be a medication he may have to take for a while. We also discovered during that visit when we rubbed his arms and talked loudly it would stimulate him too much and he would try to wake up from the sedation and it would make him uncomfortable. And his response was kind of scary to us because he would open his mouth like he was gagging, arch his back and he would shake like a shiver. We didn’t like that and his nurse told us that it happened even when they stimulated him from changing tubes, etc and bathing him. So we all decided we’d be a little quieter and not rub his arms. It was very hard to see him do that. And yes, friends in the waiting room said, “The Wises not talk? Not likely.” Dr. Lammoglia who reviewed the echo is also on board now. I say the more specialists involved the better.

Before my mom and I went to Whataburger (Thanks Eddie) for some dinner, we ran into Dr. Kirby. He explained the echo results and what caused the fluid. He said they just have to wait for my dad to urinate it all out and they didn’t need any complications but now they have this one. He told us my dad can’t have any more complications and the only concern is the fluid on my dad’s lungs. He said he will have to stay on the breathing machine 2-3 more days then they should be able to take it out. He was disappointed to come in and see my dad was still in ICU and not on the regular floor. He was positive about my dad’s recovery.

At the 8:30 p.m. visiting time, his blood pressure was 121/85 and his coloring was very good. It was the best coloring I’ve seen on my dad in years.

My mom is getting exhausted. She has a hard time saying no, so I’m going to have to say no for her. Since I’m leaving tomorrow and will not be able to create emails for her and she will not be able to forward or reply to emails and return as many calls, please check this blog for updates (http://www.mommaerts.org/, click on “blog”) beginning today. As soon as things quiet down and after she rests she will return to doing all that. Also, while my dad is in ICU and on the breathing machine, please refrain from visiting the ICU. He needs complete rest. She wants to visit with everyone but it’s taking a toll on her. Thank you so much for understanding and for your patience at this time. We will update this blog every day.

Please keep those prayers coming! Please pray for the Lord's peace for my family. We really appreciate them and need them.

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