Feb 22, 2007

My Dad Update: Thursday Morning, February 22, 2007

Praise the Lord, my dad is doing very well. All those prayers are working. At 7:30 this morning, Dr. Amen (pronounced Ah-mean) ordered all the tubes taken out of my dad which means he is not on the breathing machine anymore. Awesome!! My mom said he was told not to talk but then the staff began asking him questions to which he had to answer. They are giving him ice chips for his dry mouth and sore throat. It won't take long for him to get over that. He was allowed to take the inflating shoes off his feet. And a therapist is coming to see him. My mom didn't ask what kind of therapist, but I'm assuming it's a respiratory therapist. He may get semi-solid food this afternoon. And he asked my mom to bring his glasses and a newspaper. My mom said he looks really good. He may be able to leave the ICU in a few days but he will remain for now so they can observe him to make sure nothing like Monday happens again. He still has the central line and nasal cannula in, but I know he's happy to have all that other stuff out.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, love and concern. Please pray for rest for my mom as she is getting worn out. This is taking a toll on everyone. So that prayer could apply to my whole family especially my mom, Bubba, Brandy and Heather.

My sister will be back tomorrow for the weekend with which ever of her three kiddos want to come. Cole has gone to the lake this weekend with his grandmother and hopefully when he returns my dad will be in a regular room then he can see his Paco. Brandy wrote me the following story early this morning and it's so cute I have to share it.

Being 14: "Well when we were in the ICU waiting room the other day with Elizabeth I had the kids playing I spy. Cole had already checked the sign and to his dismay it still said 14. During the I spy game I said I spy the number 14 and Cole took off running Elizabeth had no clue but of course with Cole and that sign he knew exactly where it was. "

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