Feb 16, 2007

Friday Update

My dad is doing a little better today but he is not out of the woods yet. He is asking for the trach tube to be taken out and it should be taken out tonight. I know he will be happy about that. His digestive system has basically shut down so he is being fed via the IV tube. It will take a few days for his digestive system to start up again since he was so malnourished. He is trying to write with his left hand since his right is covered with tubes, etc. The doctors expect a full recovery as long as there are no complications. But with a failed kidney, possibly more blood clots that the doctors couldn't get, malnutrition and potential lung problems, complications are possible. He will be in ICU for a while and he could be in the hospital for a long, long time. My mom is handling it very well. She has been there most of the day. My sister-in-law has been there since this afternoon and my brother visited tonight. My sister is on her way there now. I am flying there tomorrow morning and staying until Tuesday. So several friends are going to help Roger pack this weekend. THANK YOU!! Please continue to pray for healing for my dad and a thorough recovery. Praise the Lord he got to care when he did. Thanks for all the prayers. We need them.

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