Mar 1, 2006

Brain Flatulence

A few days ago you read about some friends that got us gift certificates to get massages. We were planning to go yesterday, but we were busy all day long and it never happened. Today they are all booked up… what a bummer. We really need them – maybe we can get in early tomorrow or something. Holly suggested getting mani/pedicures instead. We’ll see…

Check out this brain fart… last night Holly cooked a delicious pork tenderloin for dinner. When we were cleaning up we put it in a zip lock bad and left it on the counter to cool off. This morning I was in the kitchen and thought, “man, what smells good?” There was the pork tenderloin still in the bag on the counter. In the trash it went. Our minds are so consumed even little things escape us!

Okay, so I typed the above and then warmed up lunch. I walked into the bathroom to get a dose of Trileptal and one Z-Pak pill for my bronchitis – I picked up the pack and apparently I missed my dose yesterday!! I stood there and looked at it in complete disbelief. I think I even said “oh no” a few times out loud and flipped the package over and over – why? I don’t know. Maybe I was hoping that it would disappear suddenly as if I had taken it. I can’t believe I didn’t take my antibiotic yesterday. I am so religious about that stuff and there is was, Day 2, still in the package. I thought I remembered taking a whole slew of pills before we left yesterday morning, but I guess I missed it. Man, I am really losing it. I can’t believe I did that – amazing.

We had to up our cell phone plan to avoid getting hit with overage charges. If you call and we don't answer, don't let your feelings get hurt. We'll call you back after 9pm. Better yet, send us an email or post a comment below! I’m working on some administrative stuff today – have to get paperwork signed and faxed in to get our expended for Feb reimbursed. And I’m trying to chill out today.

I have gotten some very encouraging emails from friends that I didn’t even knew I had – and family as far away as Greece! The emails this morning have been very uplifting – it is nice to know that what we’re feeling is normal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still scared… but if I wasn’t, no matter who is doing the procedure, I would not be normal.

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Anonymous said...

I finally figured this blog thing out. When i get time I will e-mail you. I am A slow typer (Is that a word)