Mar 2, 2006

Done with Pre-Op

Wow.. what a day! God is good and has been answering our prayers left and right. We were crushed by the news that I’d have to stay overnight after all. We prayed hard about it and whamo! They told us we’d be able to go home. They did caution us that all the tests would take long into the night… So off we went to have blood drawn, then I had to have a CT scan done of my chest down to my pelvis. They made me drink about a half gallon of this power iodine mixed with lemon flavored crystal light. It was not pleasant, but I managed to gulp it down within 50 minutes while my parents enjoyed their subway sandwiches! It’s okay though… I know they were hungry. Then we had to wait another hour for it to take effect. Take effect… what exactly does that mean I asked? She said the results are different for everyone. They just want it to be in your system so that it is easier for the docs to see stuff. Well, about an hour later I found myself running to the restroom to dispose of this wonderful concoction. I’m not going to go into details, but it was liquid and the urge came quickly and with a vengeance. In fact, they came looking for me to go the CT and I was stuck on the toilet. Then I finally made it to the CT and the nurse managed to stick through both of my veins in both arms – this never happens – I have gooood veins! So, another tech came over and did it in another vein.

I managed to leave there and head down to MRI. The doc put the fidules on my head earlier in the visit and the MRI shows them now. They took MRI images that they will be able to render in 3D and the fidules will help them register the MRI to my head. We’ll have pics up of all this in a bit. We finished everything at 8:30pm and got home a little after 9. I’ve made a few phone calls and Holly is on her way back from the airport with her mom. We have to be at the hospital at 5:30am to be admitted – the surgery is to begin around 7:30am and last about 3-5 hours. Holly will post an audioblog here when she has news. I’m still scared, but I have faith that everything will go fine. Look for the pics in a little bit!

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