Mar 20, 2006

Monday Recap

Roger found out today that he should be discharged from NRH on April 4th. Then he will begin outpatient therapy. So I guess that means they think he’ll be walking by then. That’s amazing to me because that’s only two and a half weeks away. That would be awesome! I’m ready for Roger to be home.

This morning in therapy he was able to roll over onto his stomach on his own and he can roll back and forth to use his hip more. They really tired him out. He called me at lunch and sounded exhausted. He has more range of motion in his arm. He’ll be raising it above his head soon. And pretty soon he’ll be able to use his fingers better. Then he’ll be able to post blogs. That will be nice. His right wrist is hurting him. He thought at first he might have injured it, but now he thinks he knows what is causing the pain. He had numerous IV's at Bethesda, especially in ICU. But he believes the last IV's he had on the ward were kept in too long. He began to feel a hardened blood vessel on his left arm, now he can feel one in his right arm. Both are were he had IV's. He told the doctor about this and they suggested putting warm compresses on it three times a day. Greg got that job while he was here. I guess it's my duty now.

His leg is still giving him some concern. If you remember from the first few blogs, he had no feeling in his right leg then he had pins and needles then it had full feeling. He is starting to feel pins and needles in his leg again and it has him worried. He is concerned that he will not be able to walk as well as he did before or not at all. He spoke with the doctors about it this morning and they said it was all part of the normal process. He could go back and forth with feelings, but they aren’t concerned about it because the muscles seem to be working fine. They are only concerned if it begins to hurt only because they don’t want him to be in pain. He’s supposed to keep an eye on it and let them know if he experiences pain so they can give him pain medication. He says that he doesn’t think it will start to hurt. Please pray for Roger in this area. I can not begin to understand how he is feeling and what thoughts are going through his head. I’m sure the worst is always lurking around.

Oh, I almost forgot. He also gained some weight back. If you didn’t read it last week, he lost 20 pounds at Bethesda. So that’s good. His meals are getting better. He has permission to ask for double portions. Plus since we were up there in the evenings, he ate some of our dinners also; El Pollo Rico, pizza and Chinese.

Also, we received the pathology report. As soon as I can figure out how to spell the name of the tumor, I will post it here on the blog. Don’t worry. It’s not bad.

Hasta luego chicos and chicas!

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