Mar 5, 2006

Sunday Morning Update

Sorry this is so late. We decided to go to the late service at church to give Roger more time to rest. He only had three hours of intermittent sleep Saturday and when I called the ICU this morning they said he had slept pretty well through the night (Thank the Lord) and that he had fallen back asleep. So we decided to give him some more time. His recovery depends on rest right now. His brain is still swollen and causing pain and preventing him from healing as fast as he'd like. So rest is pertinent right now. Again, he is not taking visitors at this time. soon as he can have visitors, which is he ready for, I will post it on the blog with all the details, directions and times.

He was able to brush his teeth last night which he was happy about. I am taking more toiletries to him today. And his laptop, of course.

Stay tuned for more information. Thanks for the prayers. We've never felt so loved!


Anonymous said...

there are many of us in tx that are keeping you in our thoughts...thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date with this blog...sending you our love...jill

Anonymous said...

We are thinking about ya'll, get alot of rest and get well soon. We love ya.... Heather, Jeff, Will, Phillip, and Elizabeth