Mar 20, 2006

Pathology Report


That's what it was. Now if you understand that, more power to you. If you can't, here are a few websites that might help.,2557,449_2160_2984,00.html

We're not very concerned about it anymore. Grade II is very low and that's great. That means it's very slow growing and we don't have to be as concerned about it spreading. Roger will have many more MRI's to watch for new growth and if there is any, it can be dealt with radiation. God really blessed us with this type and grade of tumor. We are extremely happy with it, especially since God gave our neurosurgeon the skill to remove it all. Roger will have many more visits with the neurosurgeon before this is all over to create a plan of action in regards to radiation, if necessary and his future well being.

Don't worry. It's all good. If we're not worried, you shouldn't be worried. God's got our back.

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