Mar 21, 2006

Tuesday Afternoon Update

It's snowing here in Crystal City. Only a light snow. It's only 34 degrees, 29 with the wind and low humidity. It probably won't amount to anything but it's kind of neat being on the 11th foor and seeing the snowflakes dancing around outside the window. Very pretty. I don't see that very often so it's neat to me.

Roger is almost done for the day. I guess they did so much this morning that after his next session he'll be done. His arm is progressing more. He could clean his left arm with his right arm this morning. He can't articulate yet, but it won't be long. His arm is getting stronger and stronger. His leg is coming along also. They felt movement in his hamstring and quad today. So it's just going to take time. And he was told yesterday that he won't need speech therapy much longer. They said he was just exhausted before. I guess when he's kicked out of speech therapy they will spend more time in physical and occupational therapy. Or that's what I would think. He'd have a lot more free time if they didn't. His room mate also left today. No more showers at 3:00 a.m. anymore. Hopefully he'll get to sleep through the entire night now.

That's all so far today. Until tomorrow...

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