Mar 30, 2006

First text blog!

Okay, this is my first text post since the surgery. I can kind of use my right hand now, but I’m making quite a few mistakes. Thank God for the delete button! If you heard the audio blog, you’ll know about Friday night… Holly won’t be here after 5:30pm, so I’m asking for company! We can order some take out and watch a movie or play some games. I’d just like to have some company though. It gets lonely and boring here in the evenings. Call me or email me if you can make it!


Anonymous said...

I think the release of your first text blog was FANTASTIC!! What great news. I know it seems like drudgery having to go back and make corrections, but I couldn't find any typos.
I realize that things get awfully boring there, especially at night and on weekends. I'll have to start sending you some of the funny stuff I get in emails just to keep you engaged. And don't forget online Sudoku! That's always good for a small diversion. to get off to bed -- I'm up at five tomorrow morning. God bless and I love you...Dad

Anonymous said...

If we were closer, Gaylen and I would love to come visit you. I am so glad to hear you are doing so much better. We don't comment often, but that doesn't mean we have forgotten about you. We both read your and Holly's blogs regularly. Look forward to see ya'll soon.
Love for Texas,

Anonymous said...

I just want to ditto your Dad's comments on how FANTISTIC you are coming along and, thank him for getting me hooked on to Sudoku. Never heard about it before and after the first game, I'm hooked. Good to hear your progress Roger and glad your release date is coming up soon. Take care because we care. Will chat later. Aloha.