Mar 31, 2006

Release Info & Mailing Address

Since Roger is being released next Tuesday, any cards, etc that are sent probably after today will not make it to him and be returned to you. Many people received returned cards from Bethesda. So if you would like to send Roger a card, please send it to our home address below.

901 N Nelson St Apt 1213
Arlington VA 22203

Roger is very excited about going home especially getting some sleep at night. I'm looking forward to no more hour commutes from work to the hospital and hospital to home. It will be nice to do all the stuff we need to do every night at home. We had a meeting today about his release with the case worker, doctor and his physical and occupational therapists. He will no longer need outpatient speech or occupational therapy. He will continue to do OT at home on his own. His OT is going to give us some samples of things to do plus we need to play games like Connect Four, Battleship and card games. Those types of games are good for fine motor skills. He will need outpatient physical therapy and he can go to the NRH rehab in Ballston which is right down the street from our apartment. So that will be great. Roger won't have to commute all the way over to NW DC. He will also stay on the Keppra, antiseizure medication, but no other medications. We are waiting for Tricare to inform the case worker here when we can get the ankle brace made. You thought the military was bureaucratic, try the military insurance. The people here are frustrated with dealing with it. Both NRH and Walter Reed make ankle braces, but Tricare won't pay for someone else to make something the military can do itself. But the commander at Bolling Air Force base where Roger works has to approve the ankle brace. Like he has time to deal with that kind of stuff. It's quite ridiculous. Roger may have to go home without an ankle brace for a few days. But NRH may let him borrow one until he gets his. We are also going to get a wheelchair issued to us and we'll return it when he doesn't need them anymore. Walking (or actually rolling) down to Ballston will be part of therapy. He will be given a cane that will be his. It will be a reminder of this experience. We should hang it on the wall in our house.

We will start walking in the neighborhood once he gets home after work to build up endurance. The weather here is beautiful so it's going to be better than the halls of this hospital. We went outside this afternoon and took some pictures in front of the cherry trees they have in the garden here. As soon as I get them uploaded I will post them on Flickr.

I missed being able to help Erika move, so I'm here all night. Which is nice because usually I get here and have to rush doing all Roger's exercises and stretches and whatever else needs to be done. We are going to do some laundry, but it will be nice to just sit here and talk to each other.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Thank you for your love and prayers. Our God is awesome!!

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