Mar 16, 2006

Thursday Morning Update

Roger had a full day of evaluations yesterday. No actual rehab yet. He thinks this week will be all evaluations and he'll start actual rehab next week. It's all very interesting to him though, especially the speech therapy. Which is more than just speech. It's thinking, reasoning, reading, etc. They want him to join a group that meets three times a week for logical thinking because they want to ensure he can do the job he did before.

Dinner last night was a disaster. They actually brought a 31 year old 6 foot tall male for dinner macaroni and cheese, jello and strawberries. That's it. Can you believe that! Greg and I think they gave his dinner to his roommate. Plus his roommate kept talking about how good dinner was until he started complaining about his stomaach being sour and needing to throw up. So I don't think his meal was intended for him. So Roger complained and received a piece of salisbury steak. He called me and let me know to bring him and Greg some dinner when I came up. So he ate very well last night after I brought him some food.

Breakfast this morning was a lot better than all the meals he has had so far. He had eggs, bacon, biscuit with jelly, two types of cereal and beverages. So maybe they have figured it out. I'm sure when he speaks with his dietician next, he'll let her know.

This morning he told me that he can clinch his fist firmer, rotate his arm a little and bend his wrist and elbow a little. It's all coming back. He's very excited. He also gets to wash his head today. His staples were removed on Tuesday morning and he had to wait two days before he could gently wash his head with baby shampoo. He got a "sponge" bath yesterday and was not happy about it at all. He said he was treated by the person like a child as if he couldn't do anything but then she left him to wash himself while he was still in bed with a pan of water, soap and a washcloth. He's trying to get someone to help him to the shower this morning so he can get a real shower. He can shower himself and he wants to so bad. The staff here are not as attentive as at Bethesda. He sure misses Bethesda. Too bad they don't have a rehab facility.

I was able to get a lot done last night. Cory & Natalie brought us dinner. It should last a few days. Thank you guys. It's so nice to not have to think about how we're going to eat. I also was able to get a bunch of chores done last night, laundry, finances, you know, all the fun stuff. I'm still very tired today. I think I'm going to have to sleep in late on Saturday to catch up finally. I'm actually drinking coffee this morning.

Okay, I have to get this up now. My company's internet and phones keep going out. It's taken me four attempts to post this. More later.

Thanks and we love you.

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