Mar 16, 2006

Thursday's Schedule

Here’s the schedule for Thursday, March 16:

7-8 Breakfast
10:30-11 Physical Therapy
11-11:30 Occupational Therapy
12-1 Lunch
1:30-2 Physical Therapy
2:30-3:30 Speech Therapy
5-6 Dinner

So please visit him if you get a chance. Other than these events, there is nothing to do up there. It’s very boring.

Also, a few people asked about sending things to Roger. The room is the same as at Bethesda. There are no tables or dressers to put anything on. So plants or flowers he won’t be able to enjoy. He did enjoy the balloons he received at Bethesda, but had to leave them there. And he actually has a bulletin board with thumb tacks to display his cards. So send those cards!!

Thank you all for all your love.

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