Mar 31, 2006

I wasn't lonely!! I love my wife.

Holly ended up not having to help a friend move so she got to spend the entire afternoon and evening with me! We had a good meeting today and discovered that my outpatient therapy will most likely only be about two blocks from where we live! How cool is that? She got to watch me through some therapy and it was nice to be able to show her what we do everyday. We also went outside and spent some time taking pictures around the Cherry trees in the garden. Check out the Flickr link at the right. Cory and Natalie called and joined us for an impromptu dinner of Chinese delivery. The food was just okay.. but we had a good time. Thanks for making it over you guys! Tomorrow night (Sat) is game night here yet again. Come any time after 5pm… See the Game Night II blog entry below for details. I had a very tiring day without a nap and am bushed. My hands get pretty exhausted after a few mins on the keyboard, so I’m going to start a combo of text and audio blogs for a while. We’ll see how that goes. More soon…

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