Mar 4, 2006

Saturday Night Update

It's Saturday night and we visited Roger today and plan to return tonight for a short while. He is not sleeping well due to the busyness of the ICU and the frequent checks, shots, tests they perform on him and beeping machines. Every time they bug him, he gets very tired and weak from all they ask him to do. He is currently not able to move his arm which he was able to move last night, but gained movement in his right hip. The swelling and general trauma from the surgery is causing this gain and loss in movement. But they did a motor strength test, reflex test and EEG this afternoon. The strength and reflex tests were good. We were there for those tests and to see the reflexes in his right side the same as the left was exciting. The EEG revealed that his left and right brain are almost exactly in sync and they could barely see any difference in the hemispheres. The two neurologists that were present say that they believe it’s due to the surgery and there is no permanent damage. He will regain all movement as time goes by. So that’s great.

He has a CT every six hours due to the concern about the vein that was cut, but so far there has not been any sign of collection of blood in his brain. We have not heard any results of the MRI taken last night to see how much of the tumor is left because it was “misplaced.” When we were about to leave, we were informed by the nurse that the MRI was found. Now we have to wait for it to be reviewed.

Roger’s spirits are up. He wants his laptop. He also wants food, but he can’t have solid food yet. He is still experiencing pain in his head and they give him pain medication every hour for that. He is getting more and more comfortable as time goes by. I can tell that he is ready to get on with life, but his body isn’t allowing it just yet. He would really like to be able to sleep. So they are asking for no visitors until further notice. We’ll see tomorrow morning what they say about visitors.

Keep checking the blog for updates. I added two pictures to Flickr from today when he had his EEG at 4:00 p.m. His “turbin” was removed in order to put all those things on his head and we were able to see more of his head. He asked us to take a picture of him so he could see what he looks like.

Thank you all for your prayers and love. We really appreciate it. Please pray for Roger to be strengthened, encouraged and uplifted by the Lord.

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