Mar 30, 2006

Thursday, March 30 Schedule

7-8 Breakfast
8-8:30 OT
8:30-9 PT
10-11 OT
11:30-12 PT
12-1 Lunch
1-1:30 OT
1:30-2:30 ST
5-6 Dinner

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Anonymous said...

I just noticed that photo of "The Incision" that was dated 3/12 but I never saw it before! I can't believe I just missed it. Did you guys just post it recently? WOW...that's quite a slice! I never envisioned it being so long. Anyhow I checked and saw where they removed the staples a day later. I'll bet all that hardware weighed your head down. No wonder you are progressing so fast don't have to lift all that weight anymore. Glad to see things are going well, Rog. Love you...Dad