Mar 14, 2006

Off to Rehab-Tuesday Morning

Roger called me this morning to let me know he was able to move his thumb. He was so excited. That gives him more hope about regaining movement in his hand and arm. He said that he was able to move his thumb a little around the towel as Kezia pulled it through his hand. He stated that he couldn't wait to get to the rehab and start working on this more. And not five minutes after we hung up, he called me back and said the social worker told him he was going to the rehab in a few hours. What timing! He's so excited. Kezia is there today to hang out with him, but now she's going to help him get packed and ready to go. I was already glad that she was there, but now I'm even more appreciative since I'm in the negative for leave. The rehab he is going to is the National Rehabilitation Hospital, As soon as he's there, I'll let you all know.


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