Mar 28, 2006

Tuesday, March 28 Schedule

7-8 Breakfast
8:30-9 ST
10-11 OT
11-11:30 OT
11:30-12 PT
12-1 Lunch
1-1:30 OT
1:30-2:30 ST
2:30-3 PT
5-6 Dinner
7-9 Community Group

We had a great time last night with our community group. It was nice to be part of the discussion and be with our friends again. One of the Tuesday night community groups is going to visit Roger tonight. I have uploaded the pictures from Sunday and Monday night, but have not posted them yet. I will try to do that tonight.

Roger walked around the atrium yesterday with only his ankle brace on, no cane or walker. He is getting better and better everyday. The key is to build up endurance. Last night at CG, he was able to pull forward and push back in the wheelchair with just his right leg. He was not able to do that before. Maybe all those lower leg muscles are starting to kick in.

He has been feeling pressure in his head where the tumor was. He has some concern that it might be blood collecting in the hole the tumor created. He is scared that he will have to go back into the hospital and have that drained. He is not looking forward to being admitted back into the hospital and going through another surgery. Please pray for the body to take care of the blood and pressure itself, for God to take Roger's fears away and for his leg to continue to improve. Thank you all for your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

I was so glad to see you walking Roger. You have made some big improvements. We will be praying that this pressure will not cause any surgeries or hospital stays. Please stay strong and know we are thinking of you. Love Brandy