Mar 20, 2006

Monday, March 20 Schedule

Here’s Roger’s schedule for Monday, March 20, 2006:

7-8 Breakfast
9-9:30 PT
9:30-10:30 ST
10:30-11 OT
12-1 Lunch
1:30-2 OT
3-3:30 PT
5-6 Dinner

Roger had many visitors yesterday. He got a quick visit from Bobby which was so much fun. He always makes me laugh. He had Roger laughing so hard that Roger couldn’t concentrate in the bathroom. Roger wanted a haircut so Bobby left and Greg helped me get Roger in the shower for a quick trim. It looks a lot better. Then our dear friend Michelle Earle from Austin came by. She is in town for a meeting and spent the evening and had dinner with us. Since there is no dinner available at the hospital we had Chinese delivery. It was surprisingly good. Ken and Lyon joined us also. We had great conversation and merriment.

Greg and I rode the bus finally last night. So now I know where to catch it and which one to get on to make sure I don’t take the long ride in the wrong direction. Greg left this morning sometime before I woke up. Please pray he makes it home safely.

I think Roger’s real work starts this week. And we should find out today how long he may be there. So keep checking the blog for updates. And please continue to pray for Roger to have patience and perseverance with his therapy and hope and peace from our Lord.

Thanks! Hope a great weekend was had by all.

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