Mar 4, 2006

Saturday Morning Update

My mom, Helen, Roger's parents, Roger & Laura and I all feel much better this morning after a full night of sleep and showers. I called the ICU this morning to check on Roger. I wish I would have realized the time when I first woke up because I missed the overnight nurse Coleen. So I had to speak with this morning's nurse who had a strong accent and was a little hard to understand. I know how annoying it is when I have to repeat things and I had to ask her several times to repeat what she said. She said he did not sleep well last night and he still has a little temperature. They are giving him Tylenol for that. He had a CT this morning, but the results are not back yet. She said that he was not able to move his arm this morning, but that was probably from a little swelling and just still the shock of his body from the surgery.

We are making our way up to the ICU this morning. I will inquire about visitors and post an audio blog if he is up to having more visitors. Also, at this time since I am handling his cell phone and my own, I'm asking if you could check the blog for updates and information instead of calling us. Sorry to be so demanding, but I know you all understand. I will keep the blog updated with everything I hear and find out.

Okay, that's all for now. I have to go put on my face for Roger. : )

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