Mar 14, 2006

Tuesday Evening Update

Roger made it to the rehab this afternoon. Kezia got him all packed up and while they waited they did some exercises. He was able to move his thumb and index finger. It’s coming back so fast. Thanks Kezia.

I got there and went over paper work and learned some ins and outs of the hospital with him and the staff. I unpacked his belongings then he ate dinner. We were not impressed with the dinner at all. Bethesda is like a 5 star restaurant compared to this place. He doesn’t even get a choice either. The food was bad plus the portion was tiny. And we found out that he lost twenty pounds since his surgery. Can you believe that! And he ate everything he could at Bethesda plus all the snacks we were bringing in. They weighed him twice because we didn’t believe it. I’m sure he’ll gain it back in no time now that he’s feeling better and will be working harder. You know how you are supposed to eat numerous small meals a day instead of just a few? Well dinner was like one of those small meals. And if that’s the size of the other two meals, we’ll have to supplement what they serve him with a few other small meals. It was really sad.

We went on a tour of the place. Roger got more and more excited to see all the equipment. And the nurses kept saying he’d be out of there in no time when they’d see him stand up and do stuff. I hope so. I’m ready for him to come home and I know he’s ready to have all his movement back. They have this one area that recreates many situations in real life so you can practice before you get back into the game. They recreated crosswalks, stone walkways and stairs, a grocery store, curbs and ramps, a bank and ATM, a newspaper dispenser, gas pump, computer lab, half of a real car to practice getting in and out and even a putting green. This area really got him excited. He can’t wait for tomorrow.

Below I’ve included everything you need to know about visiting him or sending him well wishes. I just want to warn you that there is a possibility that when you come to visit that he may be in a therapy session or taking a nap from exhaustion. So be prepared if you go all the way out there and have to wait or don’t get to see him at all. As soon as we get his schedule I will post it so you know the best times to visit him.

Please continue to pray for him. He will need perseverance and rest during this time. Would you also pray for me to get rest and thank the Lord that Greg is coming tomorrow to help me do just that. I need God to reveal to me what to ask for help. I know that sounds silly, but I keep thinking that I can do something little, but all these little things add up and it’s hard for me to ask for help when I can do it, just not right away.

And please praise our Heavenly Father for all the awesome blessings he has given us, miracles, people, circumstances, the list could go on all night. But I’ve got to get to bed. I am so tired. Tonight was hectic. I love you all. Good night.


Roger Mommaerts
Room 322
National Rehabilitation Hospital
102 Irving Street, NW
Washington DC 20010-2949

Visitor Policy:

Hours: noon to 9 pm weekdays, 11 am to 9 pm weekends
All visitors must register and receive a visitor badge at the front desk and display the badge at all times. Visit is limited to two hours or less.

For driving directions, please visit

For bus/subway directions:

The H2, H4, D6 and D8 buses come to the Washington Hospital Center. The H2 and H4 are crosstown lines and provide daily service. The H buses connect with Metrorail (Red Line) at Brookland or Cleveland Park Station. “D” buses connect with Metrorail (Red Line) at Union Station and Rhode Island Avenue. Check for further details.

A free shuttle bus service runs throughout the day (except on weekends) between Brookland Station Metrorail stop (Red Line) and NRH every 15 minutes. As you exit the escalator at the Brookland Station, the shuttle buses are located on the service road adjacent to the left side of the parking lot. They are small blue and white buses labeled International Limousine Service. (Make sure you get on the one marked NRH.) These buses stop directly in front of NRH. The last shuttle is 7:50 p.m.

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