Mar 18, 2006

Saturday Night Review

Okay, all we have to say about the rehab hospital is that it’s boring after hours. There is nothing to do. Roger is lacking mental stimulation. We’re all lacking mental stimulation here. We played brainopoly at speech therapy today and it was very stimulating. Roger needs more games like that. So if you visit can you bring a game with you? Uno, Cranium, Taboo, any game.

Roger had four visitors tonight. His acting commander and his family stopped by for about an hour. But Greg and I missed them because the hospital cafe doesn't have dinner any night of the week and you have to leave to get something to eat or eat out of the vending machines. Not going to happen. And on the weekends the closest place to get something to eat is at Union Station. So with the drive over there, parking, eating and the drive back, we missed MAJ Aron and his family. So I didn't get any pictures and I missed the story of his recent motorcycle adventure.


Anonymous said...

I have cranium, taboo and even battle of the sexes,but am in Chicago until Tuesday. Someone can pick it up from our place if they are headed up there. Su

Anonymous said...

ok I finally figured out how to post a comment.......I kept wondering how people were posting comments and how come I couldn't do it. Don't laugh, Rog....I am not very computer savvy. Roger, I am glad you are recovering slowly and doing good. Holly - you are amazing! Both of you, keep your eyes on Jesus and he will direct you path and give you hope, patience, and peace. Love to you both....Yoli